Behold and See 5

Science & Health

Science & Health, Grade 5

A full-color Catholic science program covering topics from biology, anatomy, earth science, chemistry, and physics. Each lesson includes homeschool-friendly science experiments.


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In stock

Behold and See 5 is an up-to-date science program written for homeschooling families.  This complete, self-contained, independent-study course combines a stunning, full-color interior with hands-on experiments and engaging scientific content from a Catholic perspective.

The text provides an in-depth, conceptual understanding of selected topics from:

  • Biology
  • Human anatomy
  • Earth science
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics

The accompanying Student Workbook completes this full-year course with:

  • Review questions
  • Kid-friendly exercises
  • Chapter tests
  • Removable answer key

Behold and See 5 is one of the most engaging science programs you will ever use! Dr. Beresford’s enthusiasm for science can be clearly seen in the text’s conversational style, the abundance of hands-on experiments, and the eagerness with which he helps students actually “do science” for themselves. A working scientist himself, Dr. Beresford will soon have your child digging for worms, recording weather data, and organizing experiment results in graphs and tables.

Recommended for fifth grade. A daily schedule for this program is available in CHC Lesson Plans: Fifth Grade or Behold and See 5 Daily Lesson Plans.

Studying Living Things around Us: Scientific research, classification, taxonomy, recording data
Metamorphosis, Creatures Helping Other Creatures, and Graphing our Findings: Metamorphosis, facilitation, parasites, predators/prey, graphs
Food Webs, Resistance to Disease, and Conservation of Energy: Food webs, bioaccumulation, resistance to disease, immunity, conservation of energy and materials
Physiology and Introduction to Biochemistry:  Atoms, molecules, elements, photosynthesis, physiology, biochemistry, chemical equations
The Circulatory System and Human Physiology: Circulatory system, heart and lung health
Logic: Deduction, Induction, and Scientific Reasoning: Logic, scientific reasoning and experiments, forming hypotheses
Competition among Plants and Animals: Competition, facilitation, defense mechanisms
Atmosphere and Weather: Earth’s movements and seasons, clouds, weather, atmosphere, water cycle, climate
The Earth and Its Composition: Layers of the earth, plate tectonics, volcanoes, rocks, minerals, fossils
Genetics and Taxonomy: Genetics, DNA, genes, chromosomes

Product Code: BAS5-T
Format: Softcover
Binding: Perfect bound
Page Count: 226 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780982458549
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Answer key: None required.

Product Code: BAS5-W
Format: Softcover
Binding: Perfect bound
Page Count: 116 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780982458556
Returnable? Yes, view return policy.
Consumable? Yes, purchase one per student.
Answer key: A removable answer key is included in the back of the book.

David Beresford, Ph.D., teaches elementary science to his own children at home, high school biology at a private Catholic school, and university-level science at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Barry’s Bay, Ontario. He writes articles about G. K. Chesterton for Gilbert Magazine and has also been published in Catholic Insight and other magazines. His scientific research focuses on finding ways to control the insect pests of dairy and beef cattle and studying species’ diversity in northern habitats. He lives with his wife and children on a farm in Ontario, Canada, where they raise pigs, geese, and chickens.

“Science is his favorite subject and your books make it fun and interesting!” —Sarah, TX

The best part of Behold and See 5 is that it has turned this science-dreading mom into a confident teacher this year. I love hearing, “MOM, did you know…?” after my 5th grader reads his assignment.

"Behold and See 5 Worm Project. They found 215 worms!" —Diana, NJ

My daughter used Behold & See 5 last year. She really enjoyed science for once! It is the first time she remembered what she was learning and she often would tell the family at dinner interesting facts.

“My son making fossils with shells for his science lesson from Behold & See 5.” —Luzaideth, FL

The Behold and See Science 5 set has been a continual blessing this year. The author has a quirky way of getting us to understand and remember the content. (Yes, Mom too has learned a lot!) Each chapter draws us deeper into the mystery of God’s creation.

“Some fun atmosphere and weather supplemental activities.” —Luzaideth, FL

We are using Behold and See 5 for our 5th grader and LOVING it! It gives great project ideas that do not require much preparation.

"Examining lilies for our 5th grade Science class! Locating filaments, stigmas, anthers, petals and pollen."—Luzaideth, FL

I'm so happy to find a great science textbook that also has a Catholic perspective.

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