About CHC

Catholic Heritage Curricula was founded in 1993 with one simple goal: to aid and support Catholic families in educating their children for eternity.

Our History

Homeschooling in 1998

Over 30 years ago, the two families from which CHC sprang lived in isolated, rural communities in Oregon and California. Without access to parochial schools, but desiring a Catholic education for their children, they turned to homeschooling. Like you, they sought materials that would provide sound academics while also tenderly nurturing in little souls a love for their Heavenly Father. Catholic Heritage Curricula was founded in 1993 by Theresa Johnson when Nancy Nicholson wrote the best-selling Little Stories for Little Folks: Catholic Phonics Stories. Now, more than 30 years later, CHC publishes curricula to educate children from preschool right through high school.

In 2016, Theresa Johnson handed on the direction of CHC to her daughter RoseMary Johnson. RoseMary was educated with CHC materials from preschool through high school and went on to complete a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of Dallas. RoseMary is the senior editor of CHC’s publications, including The Treasure Trove of Literature and Ever Ancient Ever New: Art History. Together with her dedicated team of curriculum developers, artists, and other staff, RoseMary looks forward to serving Catholic homeschooling families for many years to come.

The CHC Approach

For over 30 years, CHC has been publishing high-quality textbooks, workbooks, and lesson plans for Catholic homeschoolers. Read about the five key characteristics that make CHC unique.

What Is Accreditation, and Is It Necessary?

The term “accreditation” is frequently misunderstood in the homeschool world. Many homeschoolers pay to enroll in expensive accredited home study schools, not realizing that accreditation is almost meaningless as an indicator of academic excellence.


Explore CHC’s top favorites! From art to literature, science to hands-on religion, CHC has materials to enrich every Catholic homeschool.