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The CHC Approach

In public school or an overly structured home study school, the program tailors the child to fit the studies. With CHC, the family tailors the studies to fit the student.

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Homeschooling vs Bringing School Home

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CHC understands that families wish to homeschool, not “bring school home.” This is why CHC does not charge tuition and enrollment fees or require families to submit grades and follow a prepackaged program of studies—a method which essentially turns homeschooling into long-distance membership in a brick-and-mortar school. CHC believes that parents should not have to get permission in order to tailor a curriculum to fit their children’s needs and talents. After all, how can an outside authority understand a child’s unique learning style, pace, and interests as well as his own mother and father?

Lesson Plans

CHC lesson plans combine the flexibility of a self-designed curriculum with the reassurance of knowing that one is providing a complete education. By following CHC’s lesson plans, homeschooling parents have the assurance that “all the bases are covered,” so that they can relax and enjoy sharing in the academic discoveries of their children. And if a certain book is not working for a child, the parent need not feel “locked” into using it. Simply cross that book out of the lesson plans and replace it with one that is a better fit.

Core and Non-Core Subjects


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An important part of CHC’s flexibility is the distinction between core and non-core subjects. Core subjects—the “basic essentials” of education, such as math, grammar, and science—are clearly labeled as such in CHC’s daily lesson plans, making it delightfully easy to trim the day’s schedule as needed. CHC’s flexible program allows non-core subjects, such as art and penmanship, to be returned to the schedule as time permits, without placing undue demands on the student or teacher in times of family “overload.”


Photo submitted by Marilyn, VA.

Ways to Homeschool with CHC

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Full Meal Deal

CHC’s full curriculum includes a grade-level daily lesson plan for all core and non-core subjects, making it simple to start homeschooling.

sample display of text, workbook, and single subject lesson plan

À La Carte

You are also free to purchase texts and workbooks individually.
Single-subject lesson plans are available for many subjects.

My third grader and I are extremely grateful to CHC for providing a curriculum that is not overwhelming. She has become self-motivated, and loves the feeling of accomplishment which the CHC curriculum gives her. The flexibility is unparalleled!
The daily lesson plans were awesome when we started out, and now that we're halfway through the year, we can be flexible with them and tailor them to our schedule or abilities. I really can't say enough about this curriculum.
This is our first year using your curriculum and I am loving it! I love how it is all laid out for you and how you have the option of doing the bare minimum or you can do extras depending on your time allowance.
I love the balance between structure and flexibility that your lesson plans offer. I can “tweak” them to exactly suit my child.
We have a son and two daughters who are all very different learners and have unique strengths and weaknesses. We found Catholic Heritage Curricula allows us to extend lessons, or shorten them based on their learning styles and interests.
CHC Lesson Plans give you a breakdown of what you need to do. These lesson plans are a Godsend. CHC recommends for a particular subject because your child is advanced or behind in a particular area, these lesson plans will work for you.