Behold and See 3: Beginning Science

Science & Health


Science & Health, Grade 3

A full-color science program covering topics from physical science, life science, and anatomy from a Catholic perspective. Each lesson includes homeschool-friendly science experiments.


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Behold and See 3 is designed to help children build a conceptual framework of scientific ideas and thinking, from a Catholic worldview. Factual knowledge is presented as necessary, but conceptual understanding is more important to future scientific or technical study than the mere accumulation of facts. In a clear, simple, and scientifically up-to-date way, this stand-alone worktext guides students through the following concepts:

  • What is Science?
  • Matter and Spirit
  • Force and Energy
  • The Sun, Moon, and Stars
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Interdependence in God’s Design
  • Many Parts, One Body
  • Senses
  • Nutrition and Health

Behold and See 3 features:

  • 4-day school week design
  • Engaging text and illustrations
  • Hands-on activities
  • Dictionary of Words to Learn
  • Experiments and worksheets to deepen understanding of each concept
  • Removable answer key

Your child will be drawn into the wonder of Life!

Recommended for third grade. A daily schedule for this program is available in CHC Lesson Plans: Third Grade or Behold and See 3 Daily Lesson Plans.

Part One: Physical Science
What is Science?: Introduction to science
Matter and Spirit: Matter, properties, mass, volume
Matter and Spirit: Changes of state
Matter and Spirit: Review
Force and Energy: Forces, gravity
Force and Energy: Magnetism, friction, light
Force and Energy: Sound, comparing light & sound, review
Sun, Moon, & Stars: Earth, sun, moon
Sun, Moon, & Stars: Keeping time, solar system, planets
Sun, Moon, & Stars: Stars, astronomers, spacecraft
Sun, Moon, & Stars: Space missions, satellites, moons, review

Part Two: Life Science
Animals: According to their kinds, what do animals eat
Animals: What can animals do, classification, animal protection
Animals: Naptime or vacation time, animals and man, review
Plants: Wild and tame flowers, how are plants built
Plants: Roots, stems, leaves, seeds
Plants: Germination, growing healthy plants
Plants: What plants eat, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes
Plants: Plants and seasons, how long trees and plants live, review
Interdependence . . . : Animal habitats
Interdependence . . . : Food chains, food webs
Interdependence . . . : Ecosystems

Part Three: Human Body
Many Parts, One Body: My body, what holds me up
Many Parts, One Body: What makes me move
Many Parts, One Body: Heart, lungs, breathing, circulation
Many Parts, One Body: Circulation, brain, review
Senses: Eyes, sight
Senses: Ears, hearing, tongue, taste
Senses: Smell, taste and smell, touch, review
Nutrition and Health: Food, a balancing act
Nutrition and Health: Food groups and nutrients, moderation
Nutrition and Health: Staying fit, food safety, review

Product Code: BAS3
Format: Softcover
Binding: Spiral binding
Page Count: 266 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780983683209
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Consumable? Yes, purchase one per student.
Answer key: A removable answer key is included in the back of the book.

Suchi Myjak, M.S., and her husband homeschooled from the beginning in order to allow their children to experience living their Faith in all areas of life. Suchi holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Her course and thesis work emphasized semiconductor device physics, circuits, and computer analysis methods. She worked in a chip design group at Intel Corporation until the birth of her first child.

“First science experiment of the year!” —Mary, RI

Thank you for Behold and See Science 3. This is our 13th year of homeschooling. It is the first time I have ever seen science experiments that 1) make sense and 2) really work!

Photo submitted by Julianne, NY.

This “textbook” reads like a living book. The pictures were beautiful and instructive. My son had no problem reading the text to himself (he is 8), following through with the experiments or projects, and answering questions/taking tests.

"My kids are viewing the Behold and See 3 book while comparing to nature in our yard." —Lisa, SC

We have searched and used any number of science texts and have never had the ease of use, the beauty and the thoroughness of Behold and See Science 3. We are actually using it for all of our elementary age children. The experiments captivate the youngest while they reawaken a wonder in the oldest that was killed with dry, old or outdated texts.

Photo submitted by Mary, LA.

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the Behold and See 3 science text this year. I love the colorful pages and the simple, yet extremely helpful science experiments. They have made our year so much more interesting than just reading a text.

Photo submitted by Bernadette, MD.

We had a blast playing the Food Web board game in Behold and See 3! A fun way to think about ecosystems!

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