Welcome to Preschool!

Take a book-by-book tour of CHC’s Catholic preschool homeschool program by flipping through the Grade-Level Guide for Preschool at the link below. This flipbook explains CHC’s preschool curriculum and allows you to print sample pages to determine grade placement.

  • Preschool Core Kit
    Preschool Core Kit

    Preschool Core Kit

    Core subjects are the "basic essentials" of education for a particular grade, such as reading, math, and religion. CHC's preschool homeschool curriculum kit includes lesson plans, answer keys, and all the core texts except literature books, which can be purchased more affordably from other sources (see Also Required for Preschool below).

    See What’s Included
    Lesson Plans
    • CHC Lesson Plans: Preschool
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    Reading Readiness
    • I Can Find Letter Sounds
      Learn More
    Math Readiness
    • I Can Find Numbers and Shapes
      Learn More
    • Who Am I? Preschool (Workbook B (age 4))
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    • Who Am I? Preschool (Teacher's Manual)
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    • God's Love Story
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  • Also Required for Preschool

    Also Required for Preschool

    The following literature books are not included in the Preschool Core Kit because they can be purchased more affordably from other sources. (They are still scheduled in CHC Lesson Plans.) Please purchase them separately at the links provided or borrow them from your local library.

    ​​Foundations in Literature
    • My Book House: In the Nursery (ISBN: 9780486499062)
    • Bedtime Stories by Thornton Burgess (ISBN: 9780486491899)
  • Preschool Non-Core Subjects

    Preschool Non-Core Subjects

    Non-core subjects, such as art and music, can be added as time, interest, and finances allow. Since these books and enrichment resources are optional, they are not included in the preschool curriculum core kit.

    Art Appreciation
    • Art Masterpieces: ABC Collection (Teaching Booklet)
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    • Art Masterpieces: ABC Collection (Art Cards)
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    Character Training
    • Building Good Character, Level A
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Girl starting preschool with CHC

Photo submitted by Christina, CA.

My sweet almost four-year-old has been asking to start school for months now, so today Mommy got her curriculum finally all set up for her 1st day of Preschool! I love the preschool books from Catholic Heritage Curricula. They make it simple for us to learn & teach.
Three little girls doing preschool with CHC homeschool kit.

Photo submitted by Ali, CA.

We survived our first year of homeschooling! Three different grades, a toddler and a colicky baby born Sept. 15th. Here's the amazing part – I loved it! I'll never send my children to school again.