What Do You Like to Do… Catholic Easy Reader and Keepsake Journal

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Easy Reader, Grade 1

These short stories will please the eager reader and provide encouraging practice for reluctant readers. Includes space for written responses about the child’s favorite pastimes throughout the seasons.


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Do you have a youngster who wants to read more, but isn’t quite ready for chapter books? Or a student who needs just a little bit more practice, but is reluctant to go over the day’s reading lesson yet again?

The short stories featured in What Do You Like to Do… (for students who have completed Little Stories for Little Folks: Catholic Phonics Readers, Level 2) will please the hungry eager reader as well as provide encouraging practice for reluctant readers. Includes:

  • journal pages that give the child a special ownership of his book and create a precious record
  • 25 family-friendly stories
  • reading practice that encourages character development.

What Do You Like to Do... invites discussion and written responses about favorite pastimes throughout the seasons. Family-friendly story topics foster thoughtfulness, responsibility, and appreciation of our Holy Faith.

A daily schedule for this core text is available in CHC Lesson Plans for First Grade.

Max likes to do tricks with his dog.
Tess likes to swing.
Rob likes to fish.
Liz likes to sip tea.
Tom likes to look for frogs.
Ben likes to see the baby animals.
Alex likes to go to Easter Mass.
Todd likes to help his dad cut wood.
Beth likes to plant flowers.
Ned likes to play the drum. 

Sara and Livia like to have picnics.
Nick likes to collect rocks.
Van likes to wait for his dad’s boat.
Jon likes to feed the geese.
Josh likes to visit his uncle.

Ellen likes to visit an old park.
Teesha Maree likes to play with her pet rabbit.
Maddy and J.J. like to play indoor baseball.
Pete likes frosty fall days.
Alma and Manuel like to dress up for All Saints’ Day.

Evie likes to ice skate.
Dan waits for a happy feast day.
Lupe likes to help her mom bake a cake.
Carlos likes to see the roadrunner birds.
Dominic and Kim like to fingerpaint.

Luke likes the Lord’s Day best of all.

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Format: Softcover
Binding: Layflat perfect bound
Page Count: 150 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×5.5″
ISBN: 9780988379794
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Nancy Nicholson is one of the founding authors of Catholic Heritage Curricula. Equipped with an abundance of God-given talent, a major in Secondary Education–English, and years of experience homeschooling her own children, she has written over thirty educational titles, beginning with Little Stories for Little Folks. Her unique ability to develop programs and workbooks that “fit” both advanced and struggling students is due to her experience raising children of different ability levels and learning styles: two of her children are developmentally challenged, while another went on to graduate from Harvard and is now a college professor.

Photo submitted by Angie, SD.

My daughter really enjoyed having a book that she could make her own. She enthusiastically wrote her own journaling after the stories in What Do You Like to Do which significantly improved her writing skills. The stories and sentence starters really motivated her. I greatly appreciate the character-building conversations that were started by this precious book, and it will make a lovely keepsake.

Photo submitted by Ali, CA.

We are thoroughly enjoying What Do You Like to Do. My daughter, in first grade, loves the stories. They are the perfect length for a little lesson. Each of the stories gently and timelessly tells a tale of children enjoying the World God gave them. My daughter is having so much fun writing her own journal as prompted by each story. It now makes a beautiful keepsake journal!

Photo submitted by Kerri Ann.

My 7-year-old son was excited when he saw the chapter about a boy fishing and said, "That's me!" It went a long way in enticing him to try to read even though reading is frustrating for him. I was excited about the extra space between lines that makes it easier to read and the grey background that reduces eyestrain for dyslexics and children with sensory problems. Those two features really make it work for children who can not use many standard materials.

Photo submitted by Luzaideth, FL.

My twins are in the first grade and we are very much enjoying What Do You Like to Do. The stories are interesting and entertaining, and my twins love to take turns reading them to Mommy during school. I like the fact that the stories mention Catholic things and ideas here and there, as if they are normal and to be expected. The stories are long enough to actually tell a story, but not too long that the kids get frustrated. And, also very important, I don't get bored hearing the stories read more than once!

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