Behold and See 1: On the Farm with Josh and Hanna

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Science, Grade 1

This Catholic worktext with hands-on activities teaches about weather, the seasons, plants and animals, the five senses, and other topics from life science.


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Follow Josh and Hanna through the four seasons to explore topics in biology, earth science, weather, the senses, and the scientific method. This Catholic science worktext leads children to a deeper understanding of creation and the Creator.

Activities following the lessons bring knowledge to life in little hands and minds! Through the activities, children learn that observing, comparing, grouping, and measuring change are at the basis of the scientific method.

Behold and See 1 users need no additional workbooks, teacher’s manuals, or answer keys: all lessons, activities, and explanations are found within the worktext. Topics include:

  • Plant life
  • Animal types, behavior, eating habits, and more
  • Insects
  • Weather
  • The Five Senses

Recommended for first grade. A daily schedule for this program is available in CHC Lesson Plans: First Grade or Behold and See 1 Daily Lesson Plans.

Spring on the Farm: Introduction to seeds
Seeds: Grouping seeds, dicots, monocots
Plants: Growing plants, germination, roots, chlorophyll, finding leaves and roots to eat
How Seeds Travel: Plants and light, how seeds travel
Reptiles: Reptiles, fish, birds, bird feeding activity
What Animals Eat: Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores
Care of Pets: Basic necessities
Zoo Animals: Observing zoo animals: zoo field trip
Summer on the Farm: Charting the weather
Summer at the Pond: Vertebrates and invertebrates, skeletons and exoskeletons
Invertebrates: Snails and earthworms
Grouping Plants: Deciduous and evergreen trees, collecting leaves
In the Garden: Helpful and harmful insects, insects as pets
Fall on the Farm: Plants, animals, and insects get ready for winter
Winter on the Farm: God cares for animals
Weather: Charting the weather
Our Senses: Senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste

Product Code: BAS1
Format: Softcover
Binding: Spiral binding
Page Count: 188 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780982458587
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Consumable? Yes, purchase one per student.
Answer key: A removable answer key is included in the back of the book.

Nancy Nicholson is one of the founding authors of Catholic Heritage Curricula. Equipped with an abundance of God-given talent, a major in Secondary Education–English, and years of experience homeschooling her own children, she has written over thirty educational titles, beginning with Little Stories for Little Folks. Her unique ability to develop programs and workbooks that “fit” both advanced and struggling students is due to her experience raising children of different ability levels and learning styles: two of her children are developmentally challenged, while another went on to graduate from Harvard and is now a college professor.

Mary Piecynski was a veteran homeschooling mom, a certified teacher, and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s in Education. She taught science and other subjects in both elementary and secondary grades and tutored science at the university level. She passed away in 2023.

Photo submitted by Juli, IL.

Our son is thoroughly enjoying this science text, and so am I! The information is presented at his level of understanding, and so are the hands-on projects. The projects are easy to plan ahead for, and he is excited about doing them.

Photo submitted by Mary, RI.

I have been very impressed with Behold and See 1. It is very colorful, easy to read and "gentle" – not overstimulating. My son has also enjoyed the projects, especially growing and measuring vegetables. What a joy to have these God-filled books for our children to learn from!!!!

Photo submitted by Marcy, WI.

Behold and See Science 1 is just what my 1st grader needed. There is just no more simple and innocent way to experience God's world and discover science than on a farm. Taking the trip with you are two sweet children, Josh and Hanna. It is just enough science without weighing it down, but enough to explore some wonderful concepts. The activities are age appropriate and very easy without much preparation.

Photo submitted by Jessica, NY.

My daughter was drawn to Behold and See 1 right from the start of the school year. It includes God's simple wonders which are too often overlooked.

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