Language of God, Level G

Grammar & Composition


Grammar & Writing, Grade 8

This worktext teaches grammar and writing composition with an “open-and-go” approach. Student will write a persuasive essay, a family biography, short poems, a research report with a Works Cited page, and responses to literature.

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This series is designed to provide a solid introduction to English and grammar skills in the context of our Holy Faith. Entertaining content keeps students engaged in each lesson’s variety of activities. All instruction is contained in the student worktext, encouraging independent study.

Level G features:

  • Grammar lessons on topics such as appositives, indefinite pronouns, gerunds, and participial phrases
  • Step-by-step instructions and exercises for writing a persuasive essay, a narrative (family biography), and a research report.
  • Detailed directions and practice exercises for doing research and compiling a Works Cited page.
  • A removable answer key
  • Lay-flat spiral binding for convenience

Save—a complete course for both grammar and composition! 

Recommended for advanced seventh-grade or average eighth-grade use. A daily schedule for this program is available in CHC Lesson Plans for Eighth Grade.

Capitalization & Abbreviation Rules
Commas and Quotations
Commas in Parenthetic Expressions and Restrictive Clauses
Commas to Join Dependent and Independent Clauses
Semi-Colons and Colons
Quotation Marks, Italics, and Underlining
Hyphens and Apostrophes
Interrogative Pronouns
Compound and Complex Sentences
Independent Clauses, Nominal Clauses, Adjectival Clauses, Adverbial Clauses
Subject and Predicate
Diagramming Sentences, Compound Subjects, and Compound Predicates
Diagramming Prepositional Phrases and Compound Sentences
Compound Nouns and Other Compound Words
Plural, Possessive, and Collective Nouns
Gerunds and Gerund Phrases
Action Verbs, Linking Verbs, Irregular Verbs, and Helping Verbs
Subject-Verb Agreement: Compound subjects, collective nouns, and indefinite pronouns
Verb Tenses: Past, present, future, past progressive, present progressive, and future progressive
Transitive Verbs and Direct Objects
Intransitive Verbs
Active Voice
Infinitives as Nouns, Adverbs, and Adjectives
Comparative and Irregular Comparative Adjectives
Demonstrative Adjectives
Participles and participial phrases
Diagramming Predicate Nouns and Adjectives
Pronouns and Antecedents
Pronouns: Indefinite, Reflexive, Intensive, Interrogative, and Demonstrative
Comparative and Superlative Adverbs
Adverbs That Modify Adjectives and Adverbs
Coordinating Conjunctions: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so
Prepositions: Particles, infinitives, and conjunctions

Sentence Variety and Diction
Interviewing and Citing Sources
Organizing Information and Drafting
Responding to Literature
Narrative Writing
Writing Dialogue
Persuasive Writing
Creative Writing, including poems

Product Code: LOGG
Format: Softcover
Binding: Spiral binding
Page Count: 321 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780982458525
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Consumable? Yes, purchase one per student.
Answer key: A removable answer key is included in the back of the book.

Sandra Garant, J.D., is a veteran homeschooling mom, certified teacher, writer, attorney, and administrative law judge. She taught her three children at home until they were ready for college.

My older daughter, who went through Language of God in grade school (and did not have any other grammar, such as Voyages in English, Easy Grammar or any of what other homeschoolers use) has consistently received 98% on standardized tests in English–even an early ACT she took this year–which I credit to Language of God.
Hands down, Language of God is the most wonderful program for Language Arts. I apologize to my Protestant friends because I can’t recommend a program for them that’s anywhere nearly as good as what I use for my own children.
I am amazed at the progress this young man has made in his ‘worst’ subjects, spelling and grammar! He actually said he liked them! Your workbooks are wonderful. I don’t think there is anything else out there like them.
My five children have been using Catholic Heritage Curricula’s Language of God series for a number of years now, and I am so pleased with the fact that, as they are learning about grammar and the proper use of our English language, they are also being educated in the fundamentals of the Church! Interesting facts about our beloved Saints, Church history, and the catechism are woven into the material so that as they learn about the use of quotation marks, for example, they are also gathering information that will strengthen their understanding of our faith.
We love the Language of God series. Everything is so simple, because of the layout and no teacher’s manual to deal with! It incorporates the faith in every lesson and it is so nice to have each book spiral bound. Thank you!
I am really liking this program—my children are learning but aren’t overwhelmed. Many of my children are from third world countries and have English issues and this program seems to work.

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