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Is It Better to Use CHC Lesson Plans or Design Your Own Curriculum?

One hallmark of CHC is its flexibility; with CHC, the choices are as varied and individual as the people gathered around your dining room table. For some, this means pulling together their own unique curriculum using CHC materials; for others, the flexibility begins with friendly lesson plans which are completely prepared for you but can be easily trimmed at will.

Uncertainty is natural

In the early years of homeschooling, uncertainties can abound: Am I covering all the bases? If I pull together my own curriculum, might I accidentally overlook an important educational concept? Am I asking too much of my child, or perhaps too little? All homeschoolers ask themselves these questions at one time or another. Don’t worry! Everyone asks these questions, and while CHC’s core curricula and lesson plans are time-tested answers to some, other questions will have to be answered over time as you experience homeschooling. No one else can tell you exactly what is right for your family; they can only offer you high-quality materials and the flexibility to adjust them as you discover what your family needs.

Flexibility and reassurance

CHC lesson plans are designed around these key features: flexibility, academic excellence, ease of use for the busy mom, and incorporation of the Faith into daily life. CHC lesson plans combine the flexibility of a self-designed curriculum with the reassurance of knowing that one is providing a complete education. By following CHC’s lesson plans, homeschooling parents have the assurance that “all the bases are covered” so that they can relax and enjoy sharing the academic discoveries of their children.

Core and non-core subjects

Another helpful feature of CHC lesson plans is the distinction between core and non-core subjects. Core subjects are the “basic essentials” of education. Core subjects such as math, language arts, and science are clearly labeled as such in CHC’s daily lesson plans, making it delightfully easy to trim the day’s schedule to core subjects only as needed. CHC’s flexible program allows non-core subjects, such as art, music, or penmanship, to be returned to the schedule as time permits; the focus on core subjects ensures that the student will be exposed to all that is necessary for his grade level, without placing undue demands on student or teacher in times of family “overload.”

CHC encourages lesson plan use for those who are new to homeschooling. It’s all there; you don’t have to worry. Just open the lesson plans and dive into the day! As families transition from being “newbies” to “experienced veterans,” some then choose to design and schedule their own plans using CHC materials. On the other hand, many find that the lesson plans’ ease of use, completeness, and flexibility are sound reasons to continue their use throughout their homeschooling years.

Benefits of using CHC lesson plans

  • CHC lesson plans provide an organized schedule, yet one with flexibility. It is simple to go up or down a grade level in a subject yet still retain a workable schedule. Plans clearly distinguish between core and non-core subjects, so it is easy to pare the school day down to essentials on impossibly busy days and easy to add non-core subjects and enjoyable enrichment activities back into the schedule when time allows.
  • CHC lesson plans ensure that your children are receiving a quality education—no more second-guessing or agonizing over choices.
  • Each day’s subjects are already planned for you, adding hours of precious free time to your days and weeks.
  • CHC lesson plans are easier on the budget if purchases are limited to those materials listed in the lesson plans.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you are more comfortable with. If you feel the lesson plans are serving you and your family well, then there is no need to change. If you like preparing your own lessons, that also works. The main goal is to give your child a well-rounded education and a love for learning.

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