Preparing to Receive Jesus: A Hands-On Religion Resource

Hands-On Religion

Hands-On Religion, Grade 2

This hands-on religion resource uses activities and inspirational stories to help your child prepare to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. Note that it does not replace catechism lessons.


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In stock

Preparing to Receive Jesus, Second Edition is a supplemental religion resource with hands-on activities and inspirational stories. It is designed to supplement your child’s catechism lessons in preparation for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. This course is not intended to replace your child’s catechism lessons but to develop and enrich them.

Each lesson features: 

  • Thought-provoking, inspirational stories
  • Hands-on activities and instructions
  • Age-appropriate meditations and discussion-starters
  • Inspiring, full-color images and project templates

The Book contains short stories and lesson-by-lesson directions for completing the hands-on projects. 

The Packet consists of templates, artwork, and illustrated materials needed to complete the projects described in the Book. 

A family or group using Preparing to Receive Jesus will only need to purchase one Book, while each student using the course will need his own Packet. Lessons are designed to be completed at a rate of one per week, for 21 weeks, but they can be accelerated to several lessons per week if need be.

A daily schedule for this core text is available in CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade.

Part One: Reconciliation
Introduction to Confession
Examination of Conscience
Purpose of Amendment
Confession of Sins
Preparation for First Confession 

Part Two: Holy Mass
Mass Book Project
Preparing for Holy Mass
Penitential Rite
Liturgy of the Word
Sending Forth
Living the Mass

Part Three: Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Jesus
Gifts of Love

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Q: How does the Second Edition differ from the First Edition?

A: The Second Edition has been revised to eliminate the need to purchase additional materials. The First Edition required the purchase of two additional books, two collections of holy cards, and a sticker collection. In the Second Edition, all the required components, including the inspirational stories and color images, are included in the Book and Packet.

Q: Does the Second Edition cover the same topics as the First Edition?

A: The Second Edition does not include the Prayer Book and Holy Rosary projects. (These projects are offered in religion resources for Grades 1 and 3.) Instead, the sections on “Reconciliation,” “Holy Mass: Handmade Mass Book Project,” and “Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Jesus” have been expanded with additional projects and stories in order to keep the focus on First Confession and First Communion preparation.

“Our daughter has received her First Holy Communion! Thank you CHC for your amazing materials for preparation!” —Margaret, NY

My brother is a Catholic priest. I recently sent him your section on preparing for First Holy Communion. He wrote to me that he was amazed and impressed... your presentation for both child and parent to understand this was truly inspired and right on. He has been astounded by our sons' grasp of the sacraments, knowledge of the saints, and joy of being a Catholic.

“Our daughter working on her Adoration Booklet from Preparing to Receive Jesus.” —Margaret, NY

I think we all benefited from the First Reconciliation and First Eucharist preparation. My older kids couldn't help but hear and see what was going on and it was so exciting that we all talked about it a lot. The old stories and beautiful explanations made it an amazing year.

Photo submitted by Margaret, NY.

Preparing to Receive Jesus: First Penance. I used this beautiful and favorite curriculum for my Faith Formation class this year and they really enjoyed it. My son was so well prepared for his First Penance and we used a few lessons for our workshop which the parents were able to do with their kids together. I love sharing the Faith with these wonderful materials—at home, and as a teacher!
The First Communion Prep Guide is second to none for getting a child ready for both the sacrament of reconciliation and First Communion. I highly recommend Preparing to Receive Jesus.
Your plans for sacramental preparation are beyond compare. They are gentle yet thorough and sound in catechesis. There is no 'twaddle' or fluff here.
We began using CHC materials before becoming Catholic, while we were exploring conversion. Our children were so blessed to have the 2nd grade First Communion prep materials and all benefited from the gentle, orthodox and natural approach to this sacrament. We have so much enjoyed learning as we go along with CHC materials, which we have trusted with confidence to be faithful to the Magisterium, and which have gently guided our family in integrating the Faith with life and learning.
My 2nd grader will be making her First Communion in a few weeks, and I can't tell you how happy I am with your preparation program. She knows and loves our Eucharistic Lord and can't wait to receive Him on that special day. She made her first Confession a few weeks ago and wants to go regularly to keep her soul "pure and clean for Jesus." What a joy!

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