Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level K

Penmanship & Phonics


Kindergarten Handwriting

Kid-friendly penmanship lessons that also reinforce phonics and reading skills. These penmanship lessons practice the letter combinations and words taught by Little Stories for Little Folks (CHC’s reading & phonics program).

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Catholic Heritage Handwriting K teaches manuscript handwriting skills without overwhelming the student with too much seatwork. Assignments will leave your student looking forward to the next penmanship lesson. 

Catholic Heritage Handwriting K includes four penmanship assignments per week for 15 weeks. Little Folks’ Letter Practice is recommended for the first semester of kindergarten, Catholic Heritage Handwriting K for the second semester. See CHC Lesson Plans: Kindergarten for a detailed schedule.

What makes Catholic Heritage Handwriting K so popular?

  • Spiral Top-Binding
    Each handwriting workbook is spiral bound at the top of the page, so it is equally comfortable for both “lefties” and “righties,” with no center or edge binding to get in the way of good penmanship.
  • Single-Sided
    Pages are single-sided, which means there are no grooves or holes from the other side of the page to write over. Every page is a fresh start, reducing frustration for your child and allowing you to remove any page easily for display.
  • Phonics and Reading Reinforcement
    Besides teaching penmanship, Catholic Heritage Handwriting K also serves as a phonics/reading workbook! The workbook provides story-by-story phonics practice as students copy letter combinations and words that they have just read in Little Stories for Little Folks

Product Code: CHHK
Format: Softcover
Binding: Top spiral bound
Page Count: 67 single-sided pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780977123667
Returnable? Yes, view return policy.
Consumable? Yes, purchase one per student.
Answer key: None required.

Nancy Nicholson is one of the founding authors of Catholic Heritage Curricula. Equipped with an abundance of God-given talent, a major in Secondary Education–English, and years of experience homeschooling her own children, she has written over thirty educational titles, beginning with Little Stories for Little Folks. Her unique ability to develop programs and workbooks that “fit” both advanced and struggling students is due to her experience raising children of different ability levels and learning styles: two of her children are developmentally challenged, while another went on to graduate from Harvard and is now a college professor.

Q: My child is left-handed. Do you have any tips on teaching him to write? 

A: CHC’s Catholic Heritage Handwriting is designed with spiral binding at the top specifically to make writing easier for ‘lefties.’

Lefties often have difficulty with smudging as their hand passes over what has just been written. One way of reducing this problem is to avoid the softer-leaded #2 pencil, opting instead for a harder #3 pencil.

Another trick to facilitate writing is to tell the student to aim the top of his pencil at his left shoulder, keep his upper arm close to his body, and tilt his paper to the right. Also, he should grip the pencil about two inches away from the lead.

I know that this seems strangely high up on the pencil, but the grip moves the child’s hand up and away from what he is writing, which permits him to view the letters as he forms them. All of these tricks will improve the child’s penmanship.

Photo submitted by Brita, SD.

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed Catholic Heritage Handwriting, Level K. It had a gentle flow and coordinated wonderfully with Little Stories for Little Folks. The pages were big and the thick paper was great for erasing. The spiral bound top was perfect to be out of the way during writing, and I imagine that lefties would find this handy.

Photo submitted by Kate, CA.

We love that your curriculum has a handwriting portion and how it coincides with the reading and phonics program. I can really see the connections being made between the two. It gives purpose to the handwriting lessons, rather than just asking him to practice a bunch of random words.

Photo submitted by Jennifer, KY.

I wanted to say how grateful I am for Catholic Heritage Handwriting K! The pages are clean and bright, and the top spiral removes any frustration that my son used to have with the binding of other writing programs. Now I can finally show him how to order and space his words without destroying his enthusiasm with an unrealistic amount of daily writing.

Here is my daughter studying handwriting after working on her Little Stories! —Brandi, KS

If you are looking for a handwriting program that coordinates with your reading program and produces beautiful print, then CHC's handwriting is for you. My younger son just completed kindergarten, and I have had comments from some of the mothers in our co-op on how "neat" his writing is. The top spiral style of the workbook has made it very easy for him to write well this year.

Photo submitted by Melissa, IL.

We LOVE CHC! I thought I’d send a picture of him starting his homeschool day. The first thing he does each morning is Catholic Heritage Handwriting: Level K.

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