Tour a Country: Learning about Other Lands and Peoples

Social Studies


Social Studies, Grade 3

This hands-on student course provides an engaging introduction to world cultures and geography. Your child will “tour” one country each month and creating a travel brochure for each.


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Pack your bags and don’t forget to bring your camera! Tour a Country is a hands-on student course that provides an engaging introduction to world cultures and geography. The suggested schedule covers one country per month in two lessons per week. If your child is eager to learn more, additional time can be set aside each week for enrichment activities included in the course.

This course guides your child through different countries which have been selected for their historical, geographical, and cultural features. Your child will “tour” a country each month and create a travel brochure for each. By the end of the year, your child will have completed eight travel brochures and have a passport brimming with exciting memories!

Each country tour includes:

  • Passport
  • Travel brochure
  • Twenty or more full-color images of native animals, historical people or places, Catholic shrines, and saints to be used in travel brochure
  • World map showing where in the world the country is located 
  • Two colorful maps of the country 
  • Words to Know
  • Weekly plan covering a month of directed studies: 
    • labeling important places and topography
    • exploring native animals, climate, special attractions, natural resources, important historical events or places, Catholic missionaries, and MORE 
  • Full page of enrichment activities including a list of historical fiction and discussion questions

Over 175 full-color photos! 

A daily schedule for this core text is available in CHC Lesson Plans for Third Grade.

Note–the Folding World Map is needed to complete this course.

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Photo submitted by Kelly, AZ.

My daughter absolutely adores Tour a Country. She ran her French sidewalk cafe for friends yesterday. It was a hit! Thank you for this curriculum!

Photo submitted by Margaret, NY.

Today our son enjoyed the enrichment activities related to Spain in Tour a Country. Dressing up as a Matador, reading the story of Ferdinand, building a model of the Santa Maria, and having cocoa 🙂 This was a win! 🎉

Photo submitted by Julie.

My daughter loves Tour a Country! Social studies used to be her least favorite subject in school. Now it’s one of her favorites!

Photo submitted by Margaret, NY.

Our daughter in her Indian dress. She loves Tour a Country. She is having so much fun with this program, and it makes me so happy to see her interested and choosing topics of her choice to study.

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