Sewing with Saint Anne: A Sewing Book for Catholic Girls

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Home Economics, Grades 3-8

This how-to-sew book contains fully-illustrated sewing lessons for 16 different homemaking and gift projects. Designed for beginners, and flexible enough to be used individually or with a group.

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Whether you’ve sewn before or have never picked up a needle—yes, you can use this book! This how-to-sew book for girls contains fully-illustrated sewing lessons for 16 different homemaking and gift projects. Each of the lovely and practical projects is labeled to indicate the difficulty level, from beginner to advanced.

Sewing with Saint Anne includes:

  • Twelve illustrated sewing lessons
  • Sixteen sewing projects, including:
    • Hair Scrunchies
    • Baby Blanket
    • Eyelet Pillowcase
    • Apron
    • Home Altar Cloths
    • Lap Quilt
  • Patterns that can be copied or traced
  • Historical features such as “Pins and Needles”, “A Bit about the Humble Apron”, “History of Quilting”, and more
  • Glossary of sewing terms

Start your own Sewing Circle with Sewing with Saint Anne! The projects are great group activities for your co-op or girls’ club. A sewing machine is helpful, but not required. Most projects can be completed by children eight years and older; however, some of the lessons can be practiced by girls as young as four or five.

Patterns included.

Product Code: SEW
Format: Softcover
Binding: Spiral binding
Page Count: 109 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780976469124
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Consumable? No, purchase one per family.
Answer key: None required.

Alice Cantrell is a veteran homeschooling mother of six who studied advanced sewing and tailoring in college. While still in college, she started a dressmaking business sewing for weddings and other occasions. After the birth of her first child, she converted her business to sewing custom-made children’s clothing. She now sews only for her family.

“My daughter loves Sewing with St. Anne and completed her first project, a pin cushion, in just one day!” —Jamie, TX

My daughter and I are enjoying Sewing with St. Anne so much. My daughter really wants to sew and since I am a beginner myself, I needed a book that contained beginner projects with simple and detailed instructions! This book is perfect for our needs and I especially love the beauty of the book! It is filled with lovely illustrations and inspirational quotes. I highly recommend this book!!!

Photo submitted by Margaret, NY.

I love how much my 6-year-old daughter loves her sewing 🙂 I do a lesson a week with my younger girls and it’s amazing how excited they are to share what they’re learning with their siblings. She is doing running stitches with a backstitch. She loves it. Sewing with Saint Anne is a hit!
Sewing with St. Anne is the perfect gift for any girl who is interested in learning to sew! Mrs. Cantrell's explanations are easy to follow and the illustrations are beautiful. As an added bonus, she also includes interesting sewing "tidbits" and poems. My 4 girls and I love Sewing with St. Anne!
The book, Sewing with St. Anne, is absolutely beautiful in context and illustrations. The directions are easy to follow, and my daughter cannot wait to get started!! What a beautiful way to preserve the "feminine arts"!
We recently received our order that included Sewing with Saint Anne. What a lovely book. Thank you so much for making it available to us. It is not often that you order a book and feel like the author has actually read your mind.

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