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Literature Workshop, Grades 9-12

Based on the novel Emma, this Jane Austen workshop is for young ladies ages 13 to 18. Enjoy learning about manners, history, vocabulary, and more in this workshop. The downloadable e-book comes as a PDF and can be printed if desired.

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What’s in a story? Begin with an intriguing plot and delightful characters; discover historical information, comedy, conflict, and lively conversation; and conclude with universal truths about the human spirit.

Based on the novel Emma, the Meet Jane Austen Workshop is especially written for young ladies ages 13 to 18. Enter Jane Austen’s world with the help of the wealthy and sometimes wrong-headed Emma Woodhouse. Emma learns to distinguish between her own fanciful notions and reality as she tries to rearrange the lives of her friends and relations.  Enjoy learning about manners, history, vocabulary and more in this workshop. Buy or borrow a copy of Emma to use with the workshop.

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Answer key: An answer key is included at the end of the e-book.

Sandra Garant, J.D., is a veteran homeschooling mom, certified teacher, writer, attorney, and administrative law judge. She taught her three children at home until they were ready for college.

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