Language of God, Level A

Grammar & Composition


Grammar & Writing, Grade 2

This worktext teaches grammar and writing composition with an “open-and-go” approach. Includes lessons on building better sentences, My Story Pages with simple writing prompts, and Copywork and Dictation assignments.

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Language of God, Level A is designed to provide a solid introduction to English grammar and composition skills in the context of our Holy Faith. Entertaining content and original illustrations keep students engaged in each lesson’s variety of activities. All instruction is contained in the student worktext, encouraging independent study.

Level A features:

  • Grammar lessons on topics such as capitalization, nouns, and verbs
  • Lessons on writing better sentences
  • Regular writing assignments with topic suggestions
  • Copywork and dictation assignments
  • Removable answer key
  • Convenient lay-flat spiral binding

Recommended for advanced first-grade or average second-grade use. A daily schedule for this program is available in CHC Lesson Plans for Second Grade.

Titles of Respect
Periods and Telling Sentences
Question Marks and Asking Sentences
Exclaiming and Commanding Sentences
Complete Sentences
Sentence Parts: Subject and Predicate
Singular and Plural Nouns
Singular and Plural Verbs
Past and Present Tense
Irregular Verbs go/went, run/ran, eat/ate
Articles a, an
Rhyming words
Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones

“My Story Page”: 5 assignments distributed throughout the year
Building Better Sentences
Telling Stories: Beginning, Middle, and End

Product Code: LOGA
Format: Softcover
Binding: Spiral binding
Page Count: 84 pages
Dimensions: 8.5″×11″
ISBN: 9780988379725
Returnable? Yes, view return policy.
Consumable? Yes, purchase one per student.
Answer key: A removable answer key is included in the back of the book.

Nancy Nicholson is one of the founding authors of Catholic Heritage Curricula. Equipped with an abundance of God-given talent, a major in Secondary Education–English, and years of experience homeschooling her own children, she has written over thirty educational titles, beginning with Little Stories for Little Folks. Her unique ability to develop programs and workbooks that “fit” both advanced and struggling students is due to her experience raising children of different ability levels and learning styles: two of her children are developmentally challenged, while another went on to graduate from Harvard and is now a college professor.

Photo submitted by Jeannie, IA.

Hands down, Language of God is the most wonderful program for Language Arts. I apologize to my Protestant friends because I can’t recommend a program for them that’s anywhere nearly as good as what I use for my own children.

Photo submitted by Marian, PA.

Our first year of homeschooling is a huge success, thanks to CHC! Our favorite workbook?... Language of God!!!

Photo submitted by Lisa, FL.

We love the Language of God series. Everything is so simple, because of the layout and no teacher's manual to deal with! It incorporates the faith in every lesson and it is so nice to have each book spiral bound. Thank you!

Photo submitted by Brita, SD.

I am really liking this program—my children are learning but aren’t overwhelmed. Many of my children are from third world countries and have English issues and this program seems to work.
My children could not wait to tell me the exciting information they’d learned about a saint through the sentences in Language of God. They really felt like they had read a story, and happened to do some grammar work with it, when they used Language of God.
My five children have been using Catholic Heritage Curricula’s Language of God series for a number of years now, and I am so pleased with the fact that, as they are learning about grammar and the proper use of our English language, they are also being educated in the fundamentals of the Church! Interesting facts about our beloved Saints, Church history, and the catechism are woven into the material so that as they learn about the use of quotation marks, for example, they are also gathering information that will strengthen their understanding of our faith.

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