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Homeschooling a special needs child

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I will be ordering CHC lessons but am not sure where to start. My son went to Catholic Kinder and passed, then, because it was obvious that he had multiple special needs, I put him in public school. So far it has been confirmed he has Bipolar, ADHD, and multiple learning disabilities. His public school experience was so traumatizing I finally pulled him out. He did receive some home teacher visits but once again they only caused more setbacks. I had more success working alone with him. I can not subject him to any more. I am now ready to homeschool him but don’t know where to start. He knew more leaving kinder than he does now. He has gone backwards. Do I start all over with 1st grade or pick up with second? He maybe went to school 30 days total for the first grade. The other thing is that I think I may need to incorporate “special lessons” for some of his education. A couple other things to consider is that I am a single parent and also have the same conditions as my two boys. The older is in a Catholic college after a lifetime of Catholic education. We are all medicated. My priority is that my child does not land up in an institution some day. He is very severe even with medication. I have to daily work on non-academic issues that are of great importance to his future as well. Back to my question, where do I start with as far as curriculum?

Dear Mom,

Thank you for your question. You and your younger son have challenges ahead of you, but you know your priorities, which is a tremendous help.

Since you indicate that your son went to school perhaps 30 days during first grade, begin with the first grade lessons. Beginning with the first grade will benefit both of you. CHC lesson plans are separated into core subjects and extras, which will help you learn to homeschool and will help your son learn at his own pace according to his unique needs. Perhaps now that the stress induced by school is out of his life, you can both relax. You are heading in a new and promising direction.

Don’t feel rushed or believe that you have to do everything exactly as outlined. If you need to step back in a subject to the kinder level, then the CHC lesson plans allow you the flexibility to do so. You know best what your son needs, based upon your own personal experience and your experience gained with your older boy. I wonder if your older son might be able to give you some support and guidance as well from time to time.

CHC does not provide lessons for special needs since that is an incredibly wide topic. However, I recommend that you network as time permits either online or with other local homeschooling families in your area. They may be able to make suggestions and provide support for the academic and non-academic needs. Veteran homeschoolers are usually happy to share information and are a wonderful resource. Keep in mind that your homeschooling is going to be different from everyone else’s. No two families seem to homeschool in exactly the same way. Focus on what will be helpful for your son, and don’t worry about whether you are doing homeschooling right. You will know if what you are doing is working for your son.

And place your needs and your trust in God. He will provide both you and your younger son the necessary grace and support as you move forward on this journey.

Peace be with you,
Sandra Garant

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Sandra Garant is a veteran homeschooling mom, certified teacher, writer, attorney, and administrative law judge. She taught her three children at home until they were ready for college. She tutored students in writing for many years and is the author of Language of God, Level F and Language of God, Level G.