Mom-to-Mom Support/What are some good, easy-to-understand resources for working with ADHD children?

What are some good, easy-to-understand resources for working with ADHD children in a homeschooling environment?

Mother homeschools son with ADHD


What are some good, easy to understand resources for working with ADHD children in a homeschooling environment? My son has been diagnosed by his pediatrician but I would really like to avoid any medications. We try our best to do things the healthy way! We are using the 2nd grade CHC now, but I wonder if it’s too much for him and don’t really know how to go about restructuring the lesson plans. Help! Thanks and God bless you.

Dear Mom,

Bless your heart. Certainly it is very wise of you to realize the need to tailor the curriculum to fit the specific needs of your son. I believe that this is the best feature of CHC. A good basic curriculum is really a guide to the materials that you want to cover. The method and style that you teach should be geared to the needs of the student.

I have found that the best resource for information concerning the different ways to approach teaching students with challenges has been local colleges. Anyone can use the bookstores of these campuses. It is very interesting to browse the bookstore and see the wealth of information available in the form of workbooks and the like. These books are specifically geared to the classroom teacher who may have these challenges in the classroom. Oftentimes the practical advice given can be easily adapted to the homeschool. I have found that these books are very helpful and easy for me to read and understand.

I have a daughter with a learning disability and am always grateful when teachers pass on to me hints or “tricks of the trade” that make my teaching more productive. One of the most important bits of advice that I have received has been, “meet the needs of the student, not the goals you have set.” I take this to mean that as teachers we must be very sensitive to the different learning styles and pace of our children. If you discover that an entire page of material is too much for one session, it is prudent to cut back to smaller amounts you will cover in a set amount of time.

As homeschooling teachers, we are in a unique situation in that we are literally able to gear the whole experience of teaching to our children in a very individual way.

I want to remind you that children with ADHD are very bright because they are taking in so much information. Our goal is to help them focus and filter the information so as to better retain what they are learning.

I admire your wisdom in talking with your son’s pediatrician concerning his ADHD. I am a firm believer in getting all the help and information I am able to when dealing with challenges. This shows great foresight and courage on your part. Your son is very blessed to have a parent who is willing to seek knowledge that will help improve his learning experience. I sense from your letter that you are a kind-natured and loving parent who is working very hard to understand and deal with your son’s unique abilities. Keep seeking information. Keep praying and asking the Holy Spirit to empower you with the necessary skills and tools to help your son.

God love you and give you the patience necessary to meet this challenge.
Rita Munn

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