CHC Lesson Plans: Seventh Grade

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A complete, daily schedule for all core and non-core subjects. Juggle family life, provide a solid education, and instill a love for learning! Five days a week, 36 weeks.


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A complete, daily schedule for all core and non-core subjects. These lesson plans clearly prioritize core and non-core subjects, allowing you to juggle family life, build an academically excellent education, and instill a love for learning!

Included in all CHC grade-level Lesson Plans:

  • Introduction & FAQ: An extensive resource with practical advice and encouragement to make your year a joyful one.
  • Comprehensive Subject Guide: This handy guide offers specific teaching help for each subject. Full of tips and suggestions!
  • Daily Lesson Plans: Two page-per-week format. Weekly checklist goals are placed alongside daily plans that offer flexibility and guidance without formality. Core subjects are shaded to make it easy to prioritize.
  • Year at a Glance Chart: Lists the topics covered by subject and week; particularly helpful when you come across additional enrichment material you wish to incorporate. Just check the chart to see which week the topic is being taught and then insert your notes/materials in your lesson plan binder.
  • “Typical Course of Study” and “Achievement Record”: Useful for record-keeping purposes and/or to fulfill state reporting requirements.
  • Certificate of Completion

Special Features for Seventh Grade:

  • Five days a week schedule, 36 weeks
  • The daily schedule within this lesson plan is written directly to the student. Although parental involvement is still important, the student is encouraged to complete most of his schoolwork independently.
  • Science Supply List for Life Science
  • Timeline & Writing Guides for History: This guide provides instructions for constructing a detailed timeline of the 1st to 17th centuries, using a free printable timeline template. The guide also provides step-by-step instructions and checklists for writing paragraphs and essays, as well as writing prompts. For each century, the student will write a paragraph about something important that happened during that century. The student will also complete seven longer writing assignments on historical topics. The student can choose between five-paragraph essays or more creative assignments, such as writing diary entries of a knight in the First Crusade.

Powers: negative exponents, scientific notation
Cube roots, complex fractions
Prime factorization, unit multipliers
Rational and irrational numbers, real numbers
Geometry: complementary and supplementary angles, angle bisectors, polygons (interior/exterior angles, diagonals), Pythagorean theorem, surface area, area of semicircles, volume of cones and spheres
Algebraic concepts and procedures: absolute value, coefficients, polynomials, simple quadratic equations, solving inequalities, functions (linear, nonlinear, rates)
Graphing: quadrants, parabolas, hyperbolas, inequalities, slope-intercept form

Increased reading comprehension
Spelling and vocabulary development
Literary elements: setting, character, plot, and theme
Literary devices including types of conflict, dramatic irony, synecdoche, motifs, and more
Parts of Speech: transitive/intransitive verbs, irregular verbs, progressive verbs, reflex/intensive pronouns
Usage: complex sentences, collective nouns, indefinite pronouns, troublesome words, diagramming
Mechanics: conjunctions, Latin abbreviations, commas and conjunctions, parenthetic expressions
Composition: essays, reports, dialogue, narrative, interviewing sources, etc.

Measurement, collections, basic chemistry
Cells, protists, fungi, plant growth and reproduction, animal classification
Skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, excretory, endocrine, and nervous systems
Nutrition, disease, animal behavior and reproduction, ecology

From the coming of Jesus Christ, through the achievements of medieval Christendom, to the threshold of the Enlightenment projects of the 18th century
The effect on human civilization wrought by the Christian Faith
Emperors, martyrdoms, Christian Empire, Germanic Kingdoms in the West
Founders of Christendom, rise of Islam, building of Christendom
The Middle Ages, medieval reformation, achievements of feudalism
Reformation, Thirty Years’ War, Age of Revolution

Deeper understanding of the teachings of Holy Mother Church
Participation in the life of Christ through celebrating the liturgical seasons
Virtue course with practical applications
Challenge of a living faith: service to others, sacrifice, obedience, prayer, charity


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Q: What is the difference between core and non-core subjects?

A: A helpful feature of CHC lesson plans is the distinction between core and non-core subjects. Core subjects are the “basic essentials” of education, often thought of as the “Three R’s.” Core subjects such as math, grammar, and science are clearly labeled as such in CHC’s daily lesson plans, making it delightfully easy to trim the day’s schedule as needed. CHC’s flexible program allows non-core subjects, such as Latin, art, and penmanship, to be returned to the schedule as time permits; the focus on core subjects ensures that the student will be exposed to all that is necessary for his grade level, without placing undue demands on student or teacher in times of family “overload.”

Q: I like the idea of lesson plans, but want to retain control over what I teach and when I teach it. I am wary of plans that are overstructured. Can you give me an idea of CHC’s approach?

A: CHC lesson plans combine the flexibility of a self-designed curriculum with the reassurance of knowing that one is providing a complete education. By following CHC’s lesson plans, homeschooling parents have the assurance that “all the bases are covered,” so that they can relax and enjoy sharing in the academic discoveries of their children. With CHC’s lesson plans, the family tailors the studies to fit the family; with public school, private school, or a very structured home study school, the program tailors the family to fit the studies.

Q: I would like to purchase one copy of the lesson plans and copy it for my other children. Would this break the copyright since I’m only using them with my children and not a group?

A: The copyright on lesson plans is a standard copyright, which allows unlimited use of the material as long as copies are not made of the work. If families were to photocopy the plans for more than one child – for all the children in the family – then the price of the plans would have to be much higher. The additional bonus to using one lesson plan per child is twofold: You will enjoy writing in the plans and having a permanent record to look back on, and we are constantly updating and adding new materials and ideas when we reprint each lesson plan. We both win when the copyright law is honored; CHC and its authors and artists receive payment they have earned, which in turn enables CHC to continue to publish more materials for your growing family!

Photo submitted by Susan, NC.

The daily lesson plans were awesome when we started out, definitely kept us on track and lifted a weight off my shoulders. Now that we’re halfway through the year, we can be flexible with them and tailor to our schedule or abilities. I really can’t say enough about this curriculum.
I have to tell you that I LOVE the sixth and seventh grade lesson plans! They make teaching a large family so much easier. CHC gets better and better all the time! I can’t recommend it enough. Thanks for all your effort and time into refining already great curricula.
This is our first year using CHC’s lesson plans—what difference! It’s like we’ve gone from slogging through the mud to “turbo homeschooling”! The structure they provide makes planning the whole week easier and probably saves me 3-4 hours a week in planning/adjusting/organizing. They’ve taken the fear of not staying “on track” away, too.
I love the balance between structure and flexibility that your lesson plans offer. I can ‘tweak’ them to exactly suit my child.
CHC Lesson Plans give you a day by day breakdown of what you need to do with your child. For people just starting out in homeschooling, or those with large families, these lesson plans are a Godsend. Even if you opt to use a different book than CHC recommends for a particular subject because your child is advanced or behind in a particular area, these lesson plans will work for you. There are empty spaces where you can fill in extra or different activities.
I am always giggling inside when I hear other moms fuss and complain about the time they have to spend “planning out” their lesson plans. I love the fact that all of that work is done for me, and all I have to do is turn the page.

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