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Our 6-year-old daughter has a language disorder. I’m just needing some fresh new ideas on how I can help her.

Mom reads aloud to daughter with language disorder


Our 6-year-old daughter has a language disorder called receptive/expressive/phonological language disorder. I am doing my best in trying to get her to learn how to read. She knows all the letters and the sounds they make but when it comes to putting the sounds together to make or read words we both end up in tears. I’m just needing some fresh new ideas on how I can help her out.

Dear Mom,

Bless your heart. You are an inspiration. It is always so reaffirming when I am faced with such a positive witness. Jesus knows to which parents to send His special gifts.

Though I have no formal education concerning learning challenges, I do feel I can speak to the three important issues you raise.

More Information. Colleges have been my best resource. I merely contacted the education department and asked for resources of any nature or a contact person that I may speak with. The people were eager to share what they knew. I didn’t get into the homeschooling issue. I just stated what I needed. You may find the libraries of colleges an excellent resource. I also contacted a child psychologist who was homeschool friendly. This I found out by asking around in my homeschool circle. Your family physician or health care provider may also be a starting place for your search.

New Ideas. Learning about the challenge you are working with will make it easier to try different techniques. There is an old saying: Nothing ensures success like success. Find those learning experiences which will accentuate your daughter’s strengths. Let me assure you that she has plenty! Even the most profoundly challenged human is the work of a Mighty God, and His glory resides in every creation. I would strongly encourage you to continue to read out loud to your daughter as often as you can. Jim Trelease, in his amazing book The Read Aloud Handbook, makes astounding correlation between learning challenges and the help gained from reading aloud to the child.

Fun Again. Assuming you have implemented fresh ideas from new-found information, it is time to start “whistling while you work.” One of the best things I did for myself and my daughter (dyslexia) was to ask another homeschooling mother, whom I trusted, to work with my daughter on reading. This she was able to do for me once a week. I was just getting too close to the struggles. My daughter’s problems were becoming my failures. The helper mom saw the situation from a new viewpoint. She was very reassuring because she could easily take the wide view of the problems.

CHC materials are so easy for me to use with my daughter. We can travel at our own pace, doing a small bit at a time. I do not have the burden of coming up with curricula. I can interject creativity into the curriculum—creativity that fits my daughter’s special needs. Remember, do not expect less; instead, expect something different!!

Remember the power of the Holy Spirit is for all who ask. When you go to Mass and after receiving Jesus’ most Precious Body, ask Him to show you the best way to handle this challenge. Remember, Jesus wants you to have the answers that will allow you to do His will. Keep praying; stay open to the prompting of the Spirit.

God doesn’t need to call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Jesus, You are a gracious and good Lord. It is Your desire that we Your little ones have all that is necessary to do Your will. Please send the empowerment of Your Holy Spirit to this mother and her family, that they may know the ways to handle the special challenges You have given them. Amen.

You may like to read Luke 12:12 and Matthew 11:25-26 and 28-30. These bring me great comfort.

Sending out a prayer,
Rita Munn

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Rita Munn is a veteran homeschool mother of ten. For many years she was a popular speaker at Catholic homeschooling conferences. Writing has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember, and she loves to use her writing skills to share her homeschooling experience with other parents. Her “family journal” reflections are featured in CHC’s Educating for Eternity e-newsletter.