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Lesson Plans: Science, Grade 7

Two lesson plan options in one! Life Science can be completed over one or two years depending on student’s interest and ability. This lesson plan provides a complete daily schedule for both options.

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Life Science Daily Lesson Plans coordinates reading assignments, exercises, research papers, tests, experiments, and supply lists for Life Science.

Two lesson plan options in one! Life Science can be completed over one or two years, depending on the student’s interest and ability. This lesson plan provides a complete daily schedule for both options: a one-year lesson plan for students with an interest in science or a strong science background, as well as a two-year schedule for those without a strong science background or with little interest in science.

Life Science Daily Lesson Plans includes: 

  • one-page-per-week detailed daily lesson plans with check-boxes
  • one-year and two-year complete daily schedules
  • room for notes
  • weekly supply lists
  • cumulative supply list for the entire program
  • “Year at a Glance” chart
  • 5 days a week, 36 week schedule

One-Year Schedule: The one-year schedule is identical to the schedule included in CHC Lesson Plans for Seventh Grade.

Two-Year Schedule: Completing Life Science over two years is recommended for students who do not have a strong science background or who have little interest in science. The two-year schedule allows students more time to master difficult concepts and also leaves more time for hands-on exploration. Hands-on activities can make science more enjoyable for the diehard “non-science person” and can reawaken the wonder in a student whose interest in science has been killed by boring or outdated texts. Parents are free to supplement the experiments in the workbook with additional field trips and hands-on activities.

Introduction: Life functions, scientific method, controlled experiments
Measurement: Metric system, mass, area, liquid volume, temperature, heat
Collections: Leaf or insect collection
Basic Chemistry: Atoms, molecules, Periodic Table of the Elements
Cells: Parts of plant and animal cells, osmosis
Simplest Cells: Viruses, archaeans, bacteria, Louis Pasteur
Protists: A Microscopic Menagerie: Taxonomy, amoeba, paramecium, euglena
The Fungi: Types, classification, and parts of fungi
Plant Classification: Algae, lichens, mosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plants, monocots, dicots
Plant Structure and Response: Root systems, stems, leaves, tropisms
Plant Growth and Reproduction: Binary fission, budding, sporulation, pollination, fertilization, germination, mitosis
Animals: Sponges, jellyfish, worms, mollusks, arthropods, starfish
Chordates: Chordates: lampreys, sharks, bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals
Nutrition: Nutrient groups, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, chemosynthesis
Testing for Nutrients: Chemical tests for energy and nutrients, filtering
Introduction to Systems: Systems and life functions, human life stages
Skeletal and Muscular Systems: Bones, joints, muscles
Digestive System: Mechanical and chemical digestion, enzymes, absorption
Circulatory System: Systemic and pulmonary circulation, blood types
Respiratory System: External respiration, cellular respiration
Excretory System: Lungs, large intestine, liver, kidneys, skin
Endocrine System: Hormones, endocrine glands, metabolism
Nervous System: Neurons, brain, spinal cord, senses
Disease: The Fight for Life Noninfectious and infectious diseases, disease defenses, medical breakthroughs
Animal Behavior & Reproduction: Reflexes, instincts, sexual reproduction, meiosis, genetics
Ecology: Oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen cycles; energy and food chains

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Q: What is the difference between the grade-level lesson plans and the single-subject lesson plans?

A: Both are complete daily lesson plans, but the grade-level lesson plans include all the core subjects in that grade level. Single-subject lesson plans are designed for families who want a daily plan for only one subject. Each single-subject lesson plan features one-page-per-week detailed daily lesson plans with check-boxes, clear weekly goals, a “Year at a Glance” chart, and room for notes.

I love the balance between structure and flexibility that your lesson plans offer. I can “tweak” them to exactly suit my child.
I am always giggling inside when I hear other moms fuss and complain about the time they have to spend “planning out” their lesson plans. I love the fact that all of that work is done for me, and all I have to do is turn the page.

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